Fire In The Sky

Crooksville, Part 2

In Which Good Men are Lost.

Picking up where the game last left off, the group was preparing to infiltrate the Yellow Basin Mining Concern’s Mine, using the excuse of the Coal Sludge that they implanted into the fake “body” of the dead agent last time as their excuse for investigating the mine. But first, Ned Icecave was going to hook a phone tap up to their phone lines in secret, with Doc Hallows and Sam Prelutsky keeping watch. This went out without a hitch. While monitoring their phone lines, everything seemed aboveboard until one specific call happened. It was outbound to a cell phone registered to a man named Brant Stevenson. Someone left Mr. Stevenson a voicemail saying that “there were FBI agents snooping around and that he should keep his eyes open to ensure the FBI doesn’t get into any sensitive areas.” This also gave the group both phone numbers for the person calling Brant Stevenson, and the number for Brant Stevenson himself. Further forensic data mining by Ned Icecave identified the GPS coordinates frequented by Brant Stevenson, including what seemed to be a warehouse where he spent most of his time with his phone off.

The group considered many plans, including abducting Brant Stevenson, sneaking into the warehouse by night, and abducting the security guards of the warehouse AND Brant Stevenson. Eventually, it was decided that the most practical way of investigating the situation was to sneak into the Yellow Basin Mining Concern’s Mine disguised as miners. The group found the mine to be surprisingly low-security, and Lance Boone managed to talk through the Foreman watching the punchclock, the only seeming monitor that could have raised an alarm. Once inside, the group made their way to the mineshaft that the map they acquired indicated was a point of interest. They discovered, however, that the shaft was collapsed. By operating mining equipment, they were able to open the shaft back up and snuck inside, stymied only by another foreman. Malcolm Reading managed to dissuade him (with a taser) from raising an alarm. Sneaking into the re-opened mineshaft, the group found after a few miles they went into an old room filled with an active portal of some sort, as well as machinery likely meant to operate and manipulate it. There was also a thick blast door watched by security cameras. The cameras tracked the party’s movement and identified them as an “Unknown Biological Hazard”. An automated security system deployed two machine-gun turrets, which fired on Sam Prelutsky and Doc Hallows. Sam Prelutsky got out unharmed but Doc Hallows got gunned down and died.

The group made the decision to tactically retreat at this point, but Malcolm Reading decided he wasn’t able to get out in time, and jumped into the portal itself. At this time his fate is unknown. The rest of the group retreated down the tunnel, detonating it behind them with some C4 to seal it back up and prevent anything coming through the portal from breaking containment. The trio of Ned Icecave, Lance Boone, and Sam Prelutsky, the only surviving agents on this side of the portal, encountered five police officers who attempted to arrest the group of them at taser-point. The agents dispatched four of them and interrogated the fifth police officer, who verified that the Yellow Basin Mining Concern more or less employed them as private security force. The agents escaped, contacting Nunez, who stated their mission parameters were changing: They had to capture the Yellow Basin Mining Concern’s center of operations studying this portal, and destroy the portal to ensure that it wasn’t going to be a liability to the United States or anyone else going forward. He promised to send backup, and ordered the three of them to hole up for now.



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