Fire In The Sky

Crooksville, Part 3

Looks like we have to go... INSIDE

The new mission started with the group regrouping. New orders from Sergeant Christopher Nunez were to either capture the portal for Delta Green to study further, or to destroy it to deny a private corporation access to it. Complicating this was Malcolm Reading was still MIA, having stepped into the portal at the tail end of the last mission.

With the death of Doc, Christopher Nunez assigned an infiltration specialist, Alfred Canivorous, to join the team. The group considered their options, and chose to send Alfred Canivorous in posing as a scientist to try to infiltrate the warehouse that they believed had a passageway to the underground portal. This was going to be done both to monitor the portal and gather information on the security and research done inside. However, Mr. Canivorous was unable to persuade the guard at the front gate. As he left, he saw some pretty large machinery looking to be loaded onto 18 wheeler trucks, which the group believed might have involved moving the portal, or installing more security systems. So the group “reluctantly” decided to go to plan B, which was a full frontal assault of the facility under cover of night, ideally with their security systems disabled first by an infiltration specialist and a computer expert. They began making preparations for the assault.

The assault happened under cover of night, with Alfred Canivorous disabling several 18-wheeler trucks before the group and their strike team arrived. They engaged several guards and attempted to seize control of the facility, which was going very well at first. They claimed the warehouse and found a secret passage, leading towards a train going underground, which they got into and rode. After a short trip. they arrived at a substation underground, where they were greeted by the head researcher of the facility. He tried to negotiate with the group, which ended up going poorly. Another fire fight broke out, and the group won the day, capturing the lead researcher in the process. While exploring the facility they discovered Malcolm Reading in a prison cell, stating he’d been to the other side of the portal and was captured. Although his story is not yet fully told, he seemed trustworthy enough, so the group let him out.

Interrogating the lead researcher revealed that the facility was managed by an AI named A.D.A.M, whose primary purpose was to secure it and contain the portal and anything that came through it. The lead researcher led the group to A.D.A.M’s core, a massive super computer in a small enclosed room. However, once they came inside, the only way out, a reinforced door, shut on everyone, locking them in. A deadly gas began pouring into the room through cooling vents. The group frantically tried to figure out escape plans, but Lance Boone was able to negotiate with the AI, who allowed them a retreat as long as they agreed not to return to the facility. The group went along with this plan, but upon returning to the facility later, found it to be missing entirely. They escaped death and saved an ally, but were unable to secure the portal or confirm it’s destruction.



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