Fire In The Sky

Devil's Tower, Part I

In the time leading up to the mission, Ned Icecave pursued his lead on Dr. Nadja Fulani, who was reputed to know the location of the Pnakotic Manuscripts, a document which was said to hold the secret to breaking the death-curse on Brian Gall. After questioning staff and teaching assistants at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute, he was able to pin down her location to a remote village in Nigeria. Reaching it, however, would be another matter entirely.

Our adventure opened with Cell K down two members – both the formidable Malcolm Reading and the greenhorn Joel Gregory having fallen into the clutches of Majestic-12. Somewhat more fortunately, Lance Boone and Cal narrowly slipped through MJ-12’s fingers, and managed to meet get to the Evac point in the Texas desert with the broken body of Brian Gall in tow. Secreted safely in the back of a semi truck, they made their way to the new Delta Green headquarters set up by Nunez in Bethesda, Maryland.

When they arrived, Nunez was waiting along with Jared Silverstein, Ned Icecave, and a new addition to the team, Frederick Goodwin. Nunez apologized for the disastrous mission that had led the PCs into the clutches of MJ-12. He sighed and said that the time had come for the PCs to be let in on a great secret. He explained that after the 1947 Roswell New Mexico UFO crash, the United States government had come into possession of a real flying saucer. Faced with the question of what to do about it, they formed a special task force, code-named Majestic 12, to manage research into the grays and their technology. Conversely, the pre-existing group Delta Green was tasked with denying foreign governments the use of alien technology. The two organizations were at odds from the start. Majestic-12 was eager to cosy up with the grays from the start, while Delta Green remained suspicious of the strange beings from another world. An unfortunate misstep spelled disaster for Delta Green in 1974 – an unauthorized excursion into Cambodia caused an embarrassing backlash, prompting the Feds to officially disband Delta Green, leaving Majestic-12 as the sole legitimate American paranormal organization.

Realizing that Majestic-12 could not be trusted with the safety and security of the American people, a hundred of top former members of Delta Green met privately just weeks later to confer about what must be done. At the close of their meeting, a clear conclusion had been reached – to continue Delta Green as a secret conspiracy within the Federal government. Legitimate or not, Delta Green’s work was too important to abandon. Nunez asked the group if they would continue on their mission, even knowing that Delta Green is an unlawful conspiracy, and was met with a resounding and unhesitant “yes,” from everyone present.

They swiftly set to work plotting how to locate and rescue their captured comrades. Nunez told the group that Delta Green’s agents had spotted a helicopter with a military designation and no registered flight plan heading east from the area around Abbot, TX. The group tracked it to a military hospital in Maryland, where they deduced that Reading and Gregory were likely being held. Using a janitor’s disguise, Goodwin was able to infiltrate the hospital and break into the chief administrator’s computer, which revealed that two anonymous prisoners were evacuated from the hospital by helicopter that morning, bound for an air force base in Louisiana.

Realizing they were but one step behind their quarry, the PCs hopped a flight to the air force base, where Goodwin once again put together an ingenious disguise – German test pilots this time. Angrily storming up to the gate guard, Goodwin demanded to know why they had not been granted their training craft yet. The astonished guard showed the group to a temporary barracks and went to get his superior, who was equally cowed by the belligerent Goodwin. While they were gone, he was able to make his way into air traffic control, and was able to distract the ATC workers long enough to steal the flight plan of the helicopter in question, revealing that it was bound for an offshore oil platform known as Devil’s Tower.

Wondering what dire deeds could be afoot on the platform, the group adjourned for the night, vowing to plot a rescue mission the very next session.



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