Fire In The Sky

Devil's Tower, Part II

When we left off, the PCs had tracked the location of their captured comrades to the Devil’s Tower oil platform, located deep within the Gulf of Mexico. After some deliberation, they decided to charter a boat to get them close to the platform and then make the approach by inflatable speedboat. Once there, they would plant explosives on the spar keeping the platform buoyant, and then sneak aboard by scaling the side ladder. Once aboard they would use the explosives as leverage to force MJ-12 to let them safely retrieve Malcolm Reading and Joel Gregory.

The PCs managed to plant the explosives and board the platform without a hitch, but ran into trouble when they were spotted by the guards and a firefight ensued! While Lance Boone, Jared Silverstein, and Ned Icecave held off the armed FBI agents on the lower levels of the platform, Frederick Goodwin stole one of their uniforms and made his way to the upper deck, where he managed to catch up with Agent Stephen Cleary as he and his men were preparing to board the helicopters on the two rooftop helipads and evacuate the platform! To make matters worse, a sudden storm picked up out of nowhere, rocking the platform with torrential downpours and gale-force winds!

Thinking fast, Goodwin managed to tackle Cleary and point a gun at his head, taking him hostage! With their commander now turned into a human shield, the FBI agents held their fire as Goodwin slowly retreated towards the lower decks with Reading and Gregory in tow. The assembled FBI agents and another special MJ-12 agent in high-tech body armor.

Cleary smiled as he explained that since Goodwin left MJ-12, they had found another psychic to replace him. And then without warning, the psychic supersoldier telekinetically grabbed Goodwin and slammed him into the wall! Cleary – not one to go quietly at any time – pulled a concealed pistol and tried to shoot Goodwin in the face! A struggle ensued, but Reading managed against all odds to wrest the gun away from Cleary and force him into a grapple.

Pinning him handily, Reading resumed using him as a human shield and forced Cleary to tell the FBI agents and their psychic supersoldier, who had enough guns to supply a small battalion trained on him, to stand down while he inched ever closer to the lower decks and freedom. Reading warned Cleary that if he tried anything else, he was a dead man. His reprieve was short-lived, however – as soon as he came into view of the control tower, two snipers positioned within opened fire! They missed, but it was enough to cause chaos to ensue, with the FBI agents opening up with a storm of bullets and buckshot.

Enraged, Reading threw Cleary over the side of the platform, where he plummeted 80 feet into the storm-tossed sea below. The supersoldier swan-dived into the sea after him, trying to save him from the raging waters beneath the platform. Meanwhile Goodwin, Reading and Gregory made their way below decks, where Icecave, Boone and Silverstein were waiting for them.

Flamethrower ready, Icecave held back the FBI agents as they tried to force their way down the stairs, lambasting them with jellied gasoline and leaving a pile of charred bodies at the bottom of the stairs! Meanwhile the rest of the group limped to the inflatable speedboat. With the rest of the group free of danger, Icecave made his way towards the boat, but as he was almost aboard, an FBI sniper who had made his way down the stairs took aim and fired – a critical hit right to the chest! His pericardium punctured and bleeding badly, Icecave collapsed, having only a few rounds to live! Silverstein and Boone raced up the ladder from the lifeboat to the stricken Icecave. Boone handily shot the FBI sniper while Silverstein went to work! One round passed and then another as Silverstein raced against time to stanch the bleeding and save Icecave from certain demise. But then, with one round left before certain death, salvation arrived in the form of a nat 20 on his heal check!

With Icecave stabilized and their captured comrades rescued, the PCs loaded into the inflatable speedboat and made their way for shore, saved to fight another day.



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