Fire In The Sky

Gemini, Part I

Our next adventure opened three weeks after the last one. Joel Gregory and Malcolm Reading had been recovered from the clutches of MJ-12, and Ned Icecave had mostly recovered from the grievous chest would he suffered in Devil’s Tower, Part II.

Nunez called the PCs into the briefing room and explained that Delta Green keeps tabs on a number of occult and quasi-religious organizations, watching for signs of paranormal activity. In the past week, there have been signs that something strange is afoot in one such organization, the Taleisin society. The Taleisin Society began as a loose network of neo-pagans whose worship practices greatly resembled the infamous Esoteric Order of Dagon of Arkham, Massachusetts. Their members, normally scattered around the country, all recently boarded flights for New Haven Connecticut, and then dropped off the radar. Until 8 hours ago, when police camera footage surfaced revealing the passengers of an SUV, rented by a known society member, gunning down two police officers during a routine traffic stop before peeling out. Nunez explained that he wanted the PCs to track down the cult and figure out what was going on.

Hot in pursuit, the PCs headed out to western Montana, where the SUV had been sighted and where the two police officers had been killed. They discovered that the SUV had been abandoned several miles down the road, presumably because the cult stole another car. Malcolm Reading, using his expert investigation skills, found a trail of beaten down grass and bent twigs leading away from the SUV and back towards the main highway. Close to the highway, he found a man’s wallet that had been tossed into the weeds. It was empty of money and credit cards but had a driver’s license in it that had belonged to a local resident. There was also a car registered in his name. The PCs put out an APB on the vehicle, and local police reported that it was spotted parked at a Motel 6 several miles away.

Racing to the scene, the PCs spoke to the front desk attendant, who confirmed that a known cult member had showed up yesterday and booked a block of four rooms throughout the week. The PCs gathered a swarm of police officers and breached the doors to all four rooms simultaneously. Three were empty, but one room was filled five armed men, a woman dressed in flowing robes, and with a grenade taped to the wall, rigged to pull the pin when the door was opened!

Gathered outside the fourth door were Reading and four police officers. three of the cops were immediately killed in the blast, but Reading emerged from the smoke with only minor wounds. Standing his ground courageously, he opened fire on the armed group while the officers from the three empty rooms dashed over to the smoking, ruined fourth doorway. As the officers began to arrive and open fire, they started to take the armed thugs out, one by one. But the thugs weren’t going down without a fight, and during the exchange, one of the thugs scored a critical hit on Reading with his shotgun, blowing a huge hole out of his lower abdomen! Injured, Reading hobbled away from the door frame and slumped against the wall, where Jared Silverstein stanched the bleeding and sewed his wounds up.

Meanwhile, the police officers made short work of the remaining thugs, and one of them even managed to lob a flash bang into the room, blinding and deafening the female cultist. Ned Icecave dashed forward and zip-tied her hands, capturing her for interrogation later. After the dust had cleared, the cultist told the PCs that her name was Ophelia, and leadership of the cult had been taken over by a mysterious newcomer named Morgan. She said Morgan had told her and the armed men to stay behind in the hotel room “in case my sister of any of her newfound friends shows up.”

With that puzzling message, the group adjourned for the night. Who is this Morgan? And what is her diabolical plan? Find out on the next exciting episode of Fire in the Sky!



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