Fire In The Sky

Gemini, Part II

After the ambush attempt of Gemini, Part I, the PCs took a brief detour from their pursuit of the Taleisin Society to interrogate the captured cultist, Ophelia. Malcolm Reading took the lead on the interrogation, as terrifying people into talking is more his forte than anyone else’s. Despite some initial difficulty, he was able to determine that the cult was traveling to Electric City, WA, a city built in the shadow of the Grand Coulee Dam, the largest hydroelectric dam in the country. The cultists brought with them four black duffel bags, and no one but the highest ranking members were allowed to see what was inside the bags. Ophelia said she never saw inside the bags and didn’t know what their contents were.

She told Reading that the black door was used in a ritual Morgan had performed the night before leaving for Electric City. She said that she needed to “consult with someone important.” Ophelia added that she had been sneaking in to Morgan’s room when she wasn’t around to read through Les Proph├ęties de la Haute Magie, a rare book containing the secrets of the black door ritual. Ophelia said she had learned enough to cast the spell again if the PCs wanted her to, but that she would only do it in exchange for immunity from prosecution for any criminal acts associated with the cult. After consulting with the rest of the group, who decided casting the spell again would be a bad idea, Reading laughed in her face and refused, leaving her to rot in prison.

The PCs then contacted Thessaly, hoping that her arcane expertise could help them to stop the cult. Reading asked her to come out to the motel room to examine the black door and tell them what its occult significance was, but remembering how the PCs had refused to allow her to come along with them on their last mission, ( Devil’s Tower, Part II), she refused. She told reading to tell Boone: “Quid pro quo, Mr. Boone,” and then hung up.

The PCs then picked up the trail of the cult, traveling to Electric City in the hopes of finally catching up with them. They fanned out, trying to gather information from the locals, and as luck would have it, Lance Boone ran into a local cop who said he had seen a group of five SUVs pulling into a local motel. Hightailing it to the motel rooms, Malcolm Reading, Eli Meadows, and Lance Boone picked the locks on their motel rooms one by one. Most of the motel rooms were largely empty, but in the final room the PCs found a metal rod with wires sticking out of it behind one of the desks, and Ned Icecave identified it as a C-4 blasting cap! Realizing that the cult was trying to blow up the Grand Coulee Dam, the PCs prepared to race to the dam.

But Morgan had set another trap for our heroes – a Formless Spawn, lying in wait in the toilet tank, slithered out and attempted to sneak up behind the PCs, but was foiled by Reading! A battle ensued, with Sarge, Reading, and Boone firing ineffectually at the formless spawn with their sidearms. As they realized that bullets had no impact upon this monster, they began to flee, but not before the creature impaled Boone upon its tentacle, leaving him unconscious and in critical condition!

Reading was also wounded, but managed to make it to their car, where the PCs had left the Flensing Rod of Abdul-Azim. Reading gave it to Sarge, who used the rod to disintegrate the Formless Spawn right before it devoured them both!

The PCs then hurried to the Grand Coulee Dam, but with most of their cell grievously injured and with military and law enforcement too far away to get there in time, they wondered how they were going to stop the well-armed cultists. Using blueprints extracted from a government database, the group was able to determine that there was a hidden interior staircase that could get them to the top of the bridge. They formed a plan to sneak onto the staircase and climb to the top of the dam, where Alexander DeLong would cast a spell to summon and bind an unknown mythos creature to his side! Praying that this would be enough to stop the cult, the PCs adjourned for the night, leaving the final conclusion of this adventure for another date.



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