Fire In The Sky

Gemini, Part III

Knee Deep In The Dead

When we left out heroes, they had come up with a daring plan to stop the Taleisin Circle cult and save the Grand Coulee Dam from destruction. Unfortunately their plan was thwarted by the absence of Alexander Delong (due to his player not being able to make this session). Since Delong’s spellcasting prowess had been the linchpin of the PC’s last plan, they had to scrap it and make another at the last minute.

With the help of Ned Icecave they hacked into a government database and downloaded architectural plans of the dam, which revealed an interior staircase that was likely to be lightly guarded, which they could use to gain access to the upper level of the dam. The group decided to try to sneak into the staircase and onto the upper level. Once there, they would find and either steal or destroy the detonator. Since the cult had used C-4 in their explosive charges, they could not be easily detonated without the proper detonator. This should hopefully buy time for some inbound military units to come stop the cult, which otherwise hopelessly outnumbered the PCs. Their plan made, the group approached the bridge.

Before they arrived, they were approached by Sam Prelutsky, a USMC vet and concerned citizen, who had seen the cultists planting charges on the dam and recognized immediately what was going on. He said he wanted to help, and the outnumbered PCs were in no position to say no. After a brief interrogation session to make sure he was on the up and up, they decided to take the uninitiated Prelutsky with them on their likely-suicidal mission to save the dam.

Unfortunately, things went belly-up rather quickly. Only a few of the PCs were particularly stealthy, and the others were spotted by armed guards immediately. A gunfight ensued, in which the group had little cover to rely upon. Nonetheless, several of the PCs were accomplished fighters at this point and one by one they began to pick off the guards.

Frederick Goodwin even used the chaos to sneak up to the staircase, finding it guarded by only a trio of armed men. He tried to talk his way around them and was mostly successful – two of the guards bought his story, but one wasn’t so sure and insisted on accompanying him up the staircase, to make sure he didn’t try anything funny. Fortunately, Goodwin had a taser in hand that he decided to use to incapacitate the guard. As he pulled it out, the guard continued up the staircase, not suspecting a thing….

Then, disaster struck. Goodwin fired the taser, but missed. The guard turned, pointed his automatic weapon, and shot Goodwin once in the abdomen, and again fatally in the chest. Meanwhile, outside the rest of the PCs were getting shot up by the guards outside the building with the staircase. Sarge took a hit and as Jared Silverstein rushed forward to administer first aid, he heard the click of a rifle action behind him. It would be the last sound he’d ever hear, as the cultist fired a perfect shot into his heart, striking a fatal wound in an instant. The doctor collapsed immediately, an ocean of blood pooling beneath him.

Seeing that things were going bad fast, the PCs took drastic measures, which would ultimately end up saving their lives. First, Sarge grabbed the now-dead Silverstein’s medical bag, which contained not only his first aid kit but also his combat stimulants. Then, Sarge entered one of the cars parked in parking lot by the cultists and, having taken the keys off a dead cultist, started it up. The rest of the PCs piled in, and Sarge gunned the engine, driving the car up a long ramp and onto the top of the bridge, right into the gun sights of dozens of cultists who were stationed up there!

Sarge administered an extraordinarily large dose of CMP to himself, becoming almost completely insensitive to pain, then put the petal to the metal, speeding the car into a storm of bullets! Lead flew hot through the air, and as the car sped on the firestorm shattered the windshield and began to disintegrate the frame and engine block. Sarge was pretty sure he had taken a bullet or two, but with all the CMP in his system he couldn’t be sure.

As they drove, Icecave pulled out all be stops, casting spells he had long shunned, summoning spider demon after spider demon (as seen in the first mission, Shepard’s Creek). The ravenous creatures, completely uncontrolled by Icecave, fell upon the closest prey – in this case, the hostile cultists, and made a brilliant distraction as the cultists turned their weapons more or less on the spider demons.

Unfortunately the sight of the spider demons was too much for Sarge, who was still a greenhorn when it came to Mythos creatures. As soon as he laid eyes on the hideous giant spiders and their throbbing pedepalps, the shock caused him to pass out at the wheel of the car! Prelutsky struggled with the wheel while Icecave attempted to revive the insensate Sarge, but the car was traveling at over 80 miles per hour at this point and rapidly nearing the end of the bridge, and neither man was able to avert it’s course fast enough – the car flew by an astonished Morgan Lafayette and crashed head-on into the concrete wall on the other side!

The group could see the room with the detonator, but between them and their prize stood a dozen hostile cultists with automatic weapons and the sorceress Lafayette herself! Prelutsky and Icecave wanted to take cover and try for one last ditch shoot out with the cultists and Lafayette, but Sarge had more heroic plans. With his veins still full of CMP, he charged towards the cultists and their leader singlehandedly!

He could not feel the bullets tearing at his flesh but he knew his assault was surely a death sentence. Still, Sarge pressed on, crashing into the cultists like a linebacker, throwing off a hostile spell flung by the sorceress and pulling a grenade from his belt. The detonator stood on a table in the adjacent room, unattended and in clear view. Sarge pulled the pin, took aim, and threw the grenade in a perfect arc, skittering to a stop right next to the detonator, exploding and shattering it into a million little pieces.

With a howl, Lafayette saw that her plan had been foiled, and wove a killing spell. Prelutsky and Icecave watched in horror as she tore Sarge’s soul from his body in a burst of black energy, drawing it into an amulet around her neck, leaving only a smoldering corpse where a man once stood.

Prelutsky and Icecave had taken cover in a tiny concrete room, where they found several dam workers taken hostage by the cult. They decided to make one last desperate stand, and armed the terrified hostages to try to fight off the cultists for as long as they could. But when it seemed as if all hope was lost, the tide turned – the PCs heard he sound of helicopter blades slicing through the air in the distance. Lafayette, sensing the game was up, transformed into a raven and flew away just as a squad of national guard attack helicopters arrived, eviscerating cultist and spider demon alike with their heavy machine guns. Prelutsky and Icecave and the hostages emerged from their makeshift bunker to find the sun rising. Although many had been lost, they had carried the day. They were going home.



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