Fire In The Sky

Requiem, Part 2

In Which the baton is passed, and a new Narrator starts his job

(Please note that this is an abridged narration covers two different sessions.)

The game picked up where the last one left off, with the duo of Joel Gregory and Brian Gall rejoining the group with a copy of Azathoth and Other Horrors tucked under Gall’s arm. A news report broadcast that evening reported a murder occuring at the library of Miscatonic University, which shed further suspicion on the good name of Brian Gall, prompting the remaining members of the group to keep him under surveilliance. That evening, this decision bore fruit when one of the members of the group witnessed him getting up, walking out of their hotel, and staring up into the stars. The group chose not to confront him regarding his erratic behavior at that time.

The next day, the group continued thier investigations by conducting a background check into the careers of the deceased wife and husband. Following up on leads, they found that the husband had been the director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Seeing this as a likely lead, the group proceeded to investigate the Orchestra itself, with Brian Gall, Lance Boone, and Joel Gregory going to ask the former Director’s associates and co-workers about his recent behavior and work history. Meanwhile, Malcolm Reading and the Doc were to continue investigating Joel Gregroy’s attacker. Malcolm Reading found no new knowledge from the interrogation, but through a medical investigation they discovered the assailant’s body chemistry had noticable imbalances in certain horemones and that there seemed to be a parasitic entity in the man’s brain.

The group who went to the Boston Symphony Orchestra took note of several unusual instruments while entering the concert hall, and when they inquired about it found that the Orchestra was scheduled to perform an esotaric and obscure musical concert in a few nights. They met with the new Director, a stressed and overworked woman who seemed even more stressed out with the recent death of her prececessor. At the prompting of Lance Boone, Brian Gall attempted to use his psychic powers to examine her mind and investigate whether she was being entirely honest with the party or not. Whatever Brian Gall saw, it had a noticiable effect on him, mentally and physically. Everyone gathered noted he was bleeding from the nose, and seemed very shaken and concerned. He made excuses and quickly took his leave. Joel Gregory and Lance Boone, being rather suspicious, managed to persuade the new Director to come with them. Allegedly, they were concerned about her erratic behavior, but in reality they were going to take her down to the Police Station because they suspected her behavior was not her own. But as Lance Boon and Joal Gregory left, they found that Brian Gall was missing in action, and once a phone call failed to reach him, both immediately assumed he had gone rogue, as his past behavior had cast suspicion over his motives.

Brian Gall woke up trapped in a rundown building, held hostage by several assailants. The spider in his mind made an attempt to seize control of his body, but he resisted it. His captors said he would make an ideal vessel, but he used his psychic powers to incapacitate both of them, stealing a cell phone and escaping. He made the mistake of not subduing both of his captors before he did so, however, and when he called the rest of the group and reported where he was and what had happened, they investigated the place he was captured out and found nothing incriminating beyond a few bloodstains. However, he did divulge all the intel he had: that they were dealing with psychic parasites similar to the one who had infested him. And they were preparing to somehow cause a mass infestation at the concert happening at the coming night. The group did not trust his account of the story without any proof to confirm it, so they sent him back to Sergeant Christopher Nunez to confirm he wasn’t a danger to the mission. His fate at this time is unknown.

The group reunited at the Police Station and promptly put the new Director under lock and key, while the Doc and Malcolm Reading informed their associates of their findings. After taking a blood sample and having the Doc compare her results to Joel Gregory’s assailant, confirming her blood chemistry matched his. Suspecting the Director had a parasite in her brain, they had Malcolm Reading begin an interrogation of her, with the intent of trying to draw the creature out to communicate with it and find out what it’s intent was. He was successful in doing this, but did not anticipate the results. The creature spoke briefly with him, hinting at a Ritual that was coming, and then used psychic powers to incapaciate him. By the time reinforcements got to help him, the creature had burrowed into Malcolm Reading’s mind, prompting the group to send him to surgery under heavily armed observation with the goal of extracting the creature before it became a threat.

A call was made to Thessaly upon reading the book that Brian Gall and Joel Gregory had, combined with the results of the investigation. She remarked that she knew of the creature and that Sunlight was their bane. The group confirmed this by boring a hole in Malcolm Reading’s skull and exposing it to sunlight, killing it and allowing it to be more or less safely extracted from his brain. At this point, the group believed that the Concert at the Boston Symphony Orchestra was going to be the proceedings of a ritual. They made preparations to stop it, including a police raid on the Orchestra to cancel the performance. Another of these preparations involved calling in the assistance of fellow agent Sam Prelutsky, whom had joined Delta Green after the Dam Incident he had inexplicably survived.

The group, flanked by police officers, barged into the Boston Symphony Orchestra, but found that the building was abandoned. After several minutes, they recieved reports of the Orchestra being forced to perform at gunpoint at an outdoor auditorium in a nearby park, which prompted them to race there as fast as possible. Through madness-inducing music and unfathomable psychic assaults the group fought. Sam Prelutsky revealed he had an army surplus machine gun in the trunk of his car. And though many people died, they were ultimately victorious. However, several of the parasitic bugs burst out of their hosts and flew off in scattered directions, and the group was unable to give chase due to the chaos of the situation.



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