Fire In The Sky

Crooksville, Part 1

In Which A Missing Agent's Fate is Investigated

The group started out with a mission briefing, where their task would be to investigate the disappearance of a missing agent. This agent, Codename Chen, went under the alias “Eric Malcolm” for this mission. He was charged with investigating electromagnetic disturbances and earthquakes in the area of Crooksville, Kentucky, which were suspected to be related to mining operations conducted to the Yellow Basin Mining Company. The group was supposed to find out the nature of the disturbances he was investigating, the agent’s fate, and if possible extract him. The group gathered all the following intel remotely before heading to Crooksville’s streets.

Evo Corp owns a company called Chenwa Research Concern, which owns Yellow Basin Mining Corp, which is a very recently incorporated company stationed in Crooksville, Kentucky. They also own the Crooksville Development Authority, which may or may not be relevant. We are looking for agent Chen, who was sent to the headquarters of the Yellow Basin Mining Corp. He went dark after traveling to Crooksville to do some preliminary research. He was investigating a disturbance using electromagnetic equipment to try and investigate the disturbance, as well as gathering information around Crooksville’s streets.

The group’s initial cover story was that they would place a cadaver dressed up as an FBI agent (and create a cover ID of him) in the area, and then allow it to be discovered with death being due to mysterious circumstances (Created using a radioactive poison). The cover story would allow the group, posing as FBI agents, to investigate in the area. Sam Prelutsky got the group a base of operations at the local “Crooksville Motel Six” listing himself as “Marcus Donner”. while the rest of the group went to meet to touch base with the local police.

The group worked with local police and “Discovered” the planted body without a hitch. According to the plan, the body was killed by “a poisonous dose of coal slurry.” According to the police, the Crooksville Development Authority owned the land that the body was discovered on. The officers agreed not to report anything to the news until we “got all the facts.” and for the moment seemed willing to cooperate. The next step of the operation was where Lance Boone and Sam Prelutsky were sent to the Crooksville Development Authority, informing them of the body found on their land and securing their permission to investigate the area around where the “body” was found. Ned Icecave also walked through the Crooksville Development Authority Offices and identified the general ideas of their security systems, trying to find any vulnerabilities.

The group pulled the last GPS coordinates of Agent Chen’s cell phone, and identified that the the last coordinates of his cell phone, which were in the Crooksville Motel 6. Ned Icecave hacked their guest registry remotely and found an entry for Eric Malcolm, the alias of the missing agent, who was paid up through the week in Room 6. The group hatched a plan to get the woman at the front desk away from it so that the group would spoof a keycard to get into the former agent’s room. Sam Prelutsky called her away to the group’s room late at night needing a clean towel, while Ned Icecave would spoof the keycard and Lance Boone would run interferance if Sam wasn’t able to hold her at his room long enough. Sam Prelutsky’s attempt at seduction failed horribly, causing the woman to throw the towel at him and walk off in a huff. However, the group did manage to get the keycards.

Ned Icecave and Sam Prelutsky snuck into Agent Chen’s room and got access to his computer and his cell phone. Ned Icecave hacked into the computer and discovered that Agent Chen had triangulated the disturbances to 2 miles down below the mine. He also seemed to take an interest in one shaft specifically, which seemed to branch away from the rest of the mine. Ned Icecave kept the computer and cell phone, then walked to Nelly, the woman at the front desk, to pick her mind about recent events in the town. This didn’t result in any pertinent information. So the group, with little other recourse, went to the bar.

Ned Icecave stuck up a conversation with a local barfly, Gabe Fellows, who told him a story about four miners who, after a bit of an incident in the bar, went missing a year ago. The barfly also mentioned that the local Police were in league with the Yellow Basin Mining Company. He got the names of each of the missing miner’s family members from the barfly. Gabe Jansen, the director of the mine. The group then committed to work to get Gabe Jansen to give them permission to go into the Mine to take samples of the coal sludge.

And that’s where the session ended.



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