Brian Gall

Dave's Character


Level 4 Psychological Profiler

Smart Hero Defense Bonus: +1

Wealth: 11

-Trustworthy: +2 to Diplomacy and Bluff
-Attentive: +2 to Investigate and Sense Motive
-Personal Firearms Proficiency (Class Feature)
-Light Armor Proficiency: (Class Feature)
-Psionic Sensitivity: (Bug incident)

-Behavioral Personality Profile
-Advanced Profiling Analysis
-CODIS Security Clearance
-Integrative Mental Health
-Pistol Marksmanship
-Board Certified Counselor
-Advanced Polygraphy

Inventory: Wallet with a credit card, Pretentious Iconic-smart Phone, notepad, several pens, car keys, VW Bug, Laptop, Heirloom ring, Undercover vest, Anti-Spider Chemical Medication, Laser Sight for Beretta modded on Beretta, flashlight, rope, Spider Neutralization Pills (Developed by Jared Silverstein), Formal business suit, Tactical Bag, Women From Lemb Dummy, Tazer, 3 flashbangs, lighter, Thessalie’s ring (+1 to AC and Saving Throws; Once per day it allows me to re-roll a will saving through and use the higher of the two rolls), Grey Hand Oil, Latex Gloves, four clips of Steel Core rounds (1 clip loaded), 1 clip of Hollow-Point rounds, 1 clip of Tracer rounds, Alien Plasma Weapons, Parachute, Bag of Naja Naja Powder,

Psychic powers mastered:

Mind Reading


FBI Psychological Profiler

Brian Gall

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