Jamie Waldron

Chosen One?


This 12-year-old boy was targeted by the Shepard’s Creek cult because they believed he was the “chosen one,” able to play host to the extra-dimensional arachnids they worshiped. They covertly killed a number of random civilians and ground up the frontal lobes of their brains into “summer sausage,” which the cult leader Angela Rhodes fed to him whenever he came to visit her son (and also host to one of the Shepards), Alex Rhodes.

The PCs managed to kill Angela just before she completed the ritual to awaken the Shepard within him, but not before she had killed his parents and fed their brains to him. Jared Silverstein was then able to perform emergency surgery, removing the larval arachnid from his spinal column, but damaging his nerves in the process, leaving him suffering from seizures and occasional tremors, and an orphan.

Jamie Waldron

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