Joel Gregory

K9 LEO, Driver and Medical Support


Character Sheet

STR 9-1
DEX 17/3
CON 10/0
INT 11/0
WIS 10/0
CHA 9/-1

9 Wealth

21 HP (lvl3)
50/50 sanity
Fort 6
Reflex 3
Will 3

Combat Support Resuscitation (lvl 1)
With a medical kit, you can remove the dazed, stunned, or unconscious conditions from a character as a standard action by making a Heal check DC 15. You cannot remove Unconscious from a character who is at -1 hit points or lower without stabilizing them first.

Basic Combat Training (lvl 1)
You gain 3 Hit Points and +1 to fortitude saving throws.

Canine Unit (lvl 1)
Prerequisites: Animal Handling 4
You have a specific canine companion that you have trained extensively with. This animal has the base statistics of a Police Dog. As you level up, this animal advances in power with you.

Shotgun Marksmanship (lvl 1)
You gain +2 to damage rolls when firing a shotgun.

Combat Stim Administration (lvl 2)
As a standard action, you can administer combat stimulants with no risk of overdose.

Deductive Analysis (lvl 3)
You gain a +2 bonus to Search, Spot, and Investigate checks

Medical Expert (lvl 1)
You get a +2 bonus to Craft (Pharmaceutical) and Heal checks.

Animal Affinity (lvl 1)
You gain +2 to Handle Animal and Ride checks.

AC 17 (Dex 3, Concealable vest 4)
AD 5 (Dex 3, Base Att 1, Laser sight 1)
Glock 22 w Laser sight
Mossbert 590A1 w Laser Sight
Pepper Spray
Stephen Cleary’s Desert Eagle

Other equipment:
Dog Whistle, Treats, Leash, Dog Ballistic Vest
Tactical Bag
Medical Kit
Field Glasses

1 box (10) buckshot default ammo
1 box of Slugs
2 Magazines (15 rounds each) of Hollowpoint (default ammo for handgun)
1 Magazine of Steelcore
1 Magazine of Full Metal Jacket

See Tchaik(ovsky)


See Joel Gregory

Growing up, Joel Gregory enjoyed his Great Aunt Wanetta’s stories about the history of Salem, his home town. She told fabulous stories about ghosts and witches in hair-raising detail, only to wink knowingly when Joel’s mother came into the room. As he grew older, the stories became less pulp horror and turned to a more psychological and allegorical bent. Wanetta hinted at a power that permeated certain places, and people who should not be slighted without pause. None of Joel’s siblings or cousins showed much interest – as they grew older they gave each other knowing glances at “Wacky Aunie Wannie” and her stories, and she became the butt of light jokes, which she would only respond to with a knowing smiles.

In middle school, Joel and some friends snuck into the Salem cemetery after dark on a dare. Although nothing abnormal happened that day, on the anniversary of the visit Joel began to have disturbing and lucid dreams. They always involved a young woman in Puritan dress, sitting quietly in room and practicing needlepoint. As Joel watched, she inevitably pricked her finger. As she would bring it to her mouth to suck, she transformed into any number of hideous beasts which would savagely attack Joel as he woke up screaming.

After a week of insomnia, Joel visited Wanetta and described his dreams. She said nothing, but she put the kettle on the stove to boil and opened up her highest cupboard, rummaging around for something herbal that she dropped into the kettle. Joel watched with increasing trepidation as Wannie picked up her cat and made a small cut under its leg with a kitchen knife, holding it expertly as it hissed and clawed in vain. As the cat’s blood dripped into the brew, she looked at him and said, “Prick your finger and CAREFULLY count seven drops into the kettle.”

Joel never spoke of it again, and his memories of Aunt Wannie leading him to into the cemetery that night to pour a jar of blood and herbs onto a weather-beaten stone in the center of the plot were almost as terrible as the dreams themselves.

Joel Gregory

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