Malcolm Reading



Str 8 -1
Dex 12 +1
Con 14 +2
Int 14 +2
Wis 12 +1
Cha 14 +2

AC: 16 (+5 for level)
HP: 44
Base Attk: +3
Melee: +2
Ranged: +4
FORT: +4
REF: +2
WILL: +8

Wealth: 17
Sanity: 55
EXP: 11700

1. Toughness – +3 Hitpoints
2. Iron Will – +2 to Will
3. Personal Firearms Proficiency
4. Light Armor Proficiency
5. Attentive

1. Deductive Analysis – Investigation
You gain a +2 bonus to Search, Spot, and Investigate checks.

2. Forensic Science – Investigation
Evidence you collect is always perfectly preserved for laboratory analysis without an investigate roll being needed. You gain a +5 to investigate checks when analyzing blood spatters, finger prints, ballistic profiles, or when assessing the cause of death of a corpse.

3. Concealed Carry Presentation – Weapon, Pistol
Enemies suffer -10 penalty to spot checks to determine if you are concealing a pistol. You can draw a pistol as a free action.

4. Basic Combat Training –_Physical_
You gain 3 Hit Points and +1 to fortitude saving throws.

5. Advanced Deductive Analysis –_Investigation_
The GM will secretly roll a Search or Investigate check (as appropriate) for your character even if you do not think to ask for such a check and, if you succeed, tell you what your character found. You gain an additional +2 bonus to Search, Spot, and Investigate checks.

6. Integrative Mental Health – Psychology
You gain a +2 to Psychoanalysis checks and a +1 to Willpower saves. Additionally, whenever you succeed at a sanity check, you regain one sanity.

7. Xenos Behavioral Analysis– Investigation
Prerequisites: Deductive Analysis
You are adept at analyzing otherworldly creatures. If you can observe a paranormal creature for at least one hour, or if you have encountered this creature on three separate occasions, you gain a +2 to all skill checks used against this type of creature (permanently), and you can occasionally gain special insights that would not normally be revealed.

Investigation 7/2/2/15
Search 7/2/4/13
Spot 5/1/4/10
Sense Motives 5/1/2/8
Intimidate 7/2/3/12
Bluff 7/2/0/9
Knowledge (Streetwise) 5/2/0/7
Move Silently 2/1/0/3
Gather Information 5/2/0/7
Hide 2/1/0/4
Knowledge (Photography) 3/2/0/5
Listen 6/2/0/8

Police Issued – Glock 17 (9mm); 2D6, Crit 20, Range 30ft, Semi-Auto, 17 Box clip, Small
Personal – Pathfinder (.22 revolver); 2D4, Crit 20, Range 20ft, Semi-Auto, 6 cylinder, Tiny, w/Laser Sight
Personal – Smith and Wesson M29 (.44 magnum revolver); 2D8, Crit 20, Range 30ft, Semi-Auto, 6 cylinder, Medium
Concealed Carry Holster
Suppressor, Pistol
Speed Loader

Personal – Leather Jacket +1 AC, Check Penalty -0
Personal – Light Undercover Shirt +2 AC, Concealable, Check Penalty -0
Personal – Undercover Vest +3 AC, Concealable, Check Penalty -2

General Equipment
Formal Clothes
Business Clothes
Casual Clothes
Cell Phone
Desktop Computer
Car – Mercedes S Class

Confiscated Items

Investigator Equipment
Digital Camera – Tiny
Portable Video Camera
Telephone Tap, Line tap and Receiver Tap
Caller ID defeater
Car Opening Kit
Evidence Kit, Basic
Handcuff, Steel
Handcuff, Ziptie
Forensic Kit


Malcolm Reading
Height 5’10"
Weight 174 lbs
Age 36

Malcolm Reading has been with the NYPD for nearly 20 years. As a detective he has been consistently commended for his excellent performance and reviews. He is a well liked member of Police Force and is proceeded by his exemplary record. His little known secret is that he will do anything to arrest his perp. He is not above planting evidence or intimidating confessions out of lowlifes. He has been brought up to internal affairs on more than one occasion but has never been found guilty.

Childhood Health
Average – No Difference

Parental marital status
Still Together – +1 Starting Skill

Parental Wealth
Upper Class – +1 Starting Skill Point

4 Siblings

Family Quality
Average – No Difference

Educational Level
College Degree – +2 Starting Skill Points

Educational Success
Straight A’s – +2 Starting Skill Points

Number of Significant Events
Type of Event
1. Specialized Learning, Mechanical Aptitude
+2 to craft (mechanics)
2. Serious Injury, Serious Facial Scarring
-2 Diplomacy, -1 Charisma, +3 Intimidate
3. 3 – Valuable Object, Financial Windfall

Malcolm Reading

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