Cell K Assets


Downtown NY Offices


Budget – 20 Wealth
Three alien plasma pistols
One broken drone dual-linked plasma cannon
Eight Gray stasis pods
One Gray computer console
Two Gray life support machines
The bodies of seven Gray aliens
The body of one Gray alien novitiate
One Gray codex
One spherical Gray artifact
The decomposing body of Pastor J.D. Friedland, with strange mechanical augmentations

Flensing Rod of Abdul-Azim – An intricate, arabesque cane, it fires a beam as a ranged attack that deals 4d8 lacerating damage, but temporarily drains 1d6 points of strength per use. It scores a critical hit on an 18-20 and deals twice normal damage.


Agent Brian Gall
Agent Jared Silverstein
Agent Mark Hart
Agent Malcolm Reading
Agent Ned Icecave
Agent Lance Boone
Agent Joel Gregory

Arcane Library

Cell K has acquired a selection of spells on their travels. These spells and their known effects are listed below. Please be aware that some spells have multiple effects which are not always immediately apparent.

  • Presence of the Raeeya – Never cast. Believed to afflict enemies with dread.
  • Call Raeeya – Never cast. Believed to summon a Shepard from Cocytus.
  • Bringing Down the Outer Darkness – Summons a sphere of impenetrable darkness.
  • Arcecentaes Ex Stelli Sititor Can summon some kind of stellar creature, dangerous, has not attempted.
  • Lega Sititor Extellus Way to bend creature to your will once summoned.
  • Rattus Fierri Transformed into a Rat for a period of over an hour – Verbal Component Required.
  • Rubrum Signum Magni Vermis Causes great pain and suffering to your enemies – Verbal Component.
  • Pocula Vitae Drain the life essence of someone that you put your hand on.

Cell K Assets

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