combat stimulants

In the heat of combat, dangerous drug cocktails can grant the edge needed to tip the scales in your favor. Combat stimulants can be administered by anyone, but the risk of overdose or adverse reaction looms. Any character administering combat stimulants on himself or another without the Combat Stimulant Administration certification must roll a knowledge (medicine) check against the overdose DC or the character receiving the combat stimulant suffers the overdose effect.

Additionally, even if there is no overdose, a character receiving the stimulant may suffer adverse reactions nonetheless; consult the contraindications column for rules specific to each stimulant.

The following is a short list of some drugs available for usage. Additional combat stimulants may be discovered or developed using the craft (pharmaceuticals) skill.

Drug Indications Duration Wealth DC Overdose DC Overdose Effect
Dextroamphetamine +2 to attack rolls, reflex saving throws, and +2 dodge bonus to AC 2d4 Rounds 12 13 1d6 damage, -3 to the specified rolls instead of +2
CMP DR 2/+5, for the duration of this drug, the user does not fall unconscious when reduced to -1 hit points and does not die when reduced to -10. 2d4 Rounds 16 16 The character must make a fortitude saving throw against a DC of 18 or fall unconscious after 1d6 rounds of consciousness (he still gains the benefits of the drug’s effects). After falling unconscious, the character must make an other fortitude saving throw against a DC of 18; success means he remains unconscious for 10d6 minutes. Failure means he remains unconscious for 1d6 hours, and must make another fortitude saving throw against a DC of 18 or die of respiratory and cardiac failure.
Drug Contraindications
Dextroamphetamine On the first occasion a character receives this drug (and only the first time), roll a d100. On a 1-3, that character will never gain any benefit from this drug, and instead suffers the overdose effect each time he receives it (even if administered by someone with the Combat Stimulant Administration certification.
CMP Every time a character takes this drug, he must make a fortitude saving throw against a DC of 16. If he fails, he loses the ability to know how much damage he has taken while the drug’s effects persist. The GM will keep track of his damage, and will apply it to his hit points only after the pain immunity effect ends.

Dextroamphetamine – A relatively mild stimulant commonly used by military forces across the globe for its effect on focus and reaction time. It is generally safe and easy to obtain.

CMP – Short for “Cathinone-mephedrone-pyrovalerone,” this combination of stimulants and painkillers is extremely potent. Its effects make users feel invincible by providing a feeling of euphoria, drastically reducing inflammation, and deadening almost all pain. It is manufactured by a loose collection of seedy pharmaceutical companies, meaning it is often difficult to guarantee purity.

combat stimulants

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