Enhanced Critical Hits System

Combat in this game is nothing to be taken lightly. The vast majority of humans are not superheroes, your characters included, and as such you should think twice before engaging in a potentially mortal struggle with someone, because the outcome is never quite guaranteed.

To add a more dangerous, gritty feel, we will be using an enhanced critical hits system. Whenever an attacker rolls a critical hit, he will do extra damage as normal based upon his weapon’s critical multiplier, but he also has a chance to cause a critical effect. These vary from a modest hinderance to total dismemberment, but they are never pleasant. First, the GM will roll to see what part of the body was struck. Humanoids use this table, but more exotic creatures have their own tables.

To determine if a critical hit causes a critical effect, we use a number called the critical hit’s severity, which is calculated using the following formula:

  1. First, start with the base damage rolled by the weapon during the attack, not including any modifiers. This includes overwhelming damage if any.
  2. Then subtract the target’s AC on the area that was hit. This means that some pieces of armor, such as kevlar vest, may protect only certain parts of the body…
  3. Then add or subtract 4 for every difference in size category between the weapon and the target. For firearms, the size category is always small, but different types of ammunition have critical severity modifiers that can negate this penalty.
  4. If the weapon is a melee weapon, the wielder’s strength modifier is added or subtracted.
  5. If the weapon is enchanted, its enhancement level is added in.
  6. Finally, any miscellaneous modifiers from feats, certifications, or other abilities are added, subtracted, or multiplied.

The final result is the severity of the critical hit. If this number is 0 or lower, the critical hit deals damage as normal, but causes no critical effect. Otherwise, the critical effect is determined by the damage type of the weapon, and the location of the critical hit, using the tables below:

Piercing Critical Effects
Slashing Critical Effects
Bludgeoning Critical Effects
Explosive Critical Effects

Some damage types, such as lightning or fire, cannot cause critical effects. However in this game, if your enemy has an attack that causes lightning or fire damage, it will generally cause enough damage to make you wish they had shot you with a gun instead…

Enhanced Critical Hits System

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