Jared Silverstein

Dave's Combat Medic


Dedicated Hero Defense Bonus: +2


Family’s Ancestral Ring, Desert Eagle Pistol, Silencer for Pistol, 3 Medical Kits (Two at base, one on him), cheap fliptop cell phone, Undercover vest, headlamp, Tranquilizer Rifle (10 Human-darts, and also 6 elephant tranqs), 4 Sedatives, Tazer gun, Flame Retardant vest (Worn over armor, reduces damage from fire by 2), Lasersight (On Desert Eagle), 5 clips (10 bullets each clip); a few butterscotch candies, a book on proper medical procedure, sanitizing wash, surgical scalpel, surgical gloves, several test tubes and stoppers, notes on alien biology (Grey), Grey hand oil recipe, 5 doses of Dextroamphetamine (Stimulant), 1 dose of CMP (Stimulant), 2 Flashbangs, 2 clips of steel core ammo, Truth Serum


Jared Silverstein

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