Ned Icecave

Matt's Character (Computer Specialist)


undo__1_.jpgNed is a level 4 Computer Scientist with 1 level in-field Military experience (total level 5).

Level 5 xp 12362
Strength 11/0
Dexterity 16/
Constitution 13/1
Intelligence 16/
Wisdom 12/1
Charisma 15/

35 movement
36/36 HP
49/58 Sanity
18/21 Defense (depending on whether he wears his undercover or tactical vest)
+6 Fort
+9 Reflex
+5 Willpower

Improved Disarm
Prerequisites: Intelligence 13
You do not provoke attacks of opportunity for trying to disarm an opponent, nor does the opponent get a chance to disarm you.

Far Shot
When you use a firearm or archaic ranged weapon, its range increment increases by one-half (multiply by 1.5). When you throw a weapon, its range increment is doubled.

Two Weapon Fighting (lvl 3)
Penalties for fighting with 2 weapons are reduced by 2

Proficient Systems Analyst
Prerequisites: None
You gain +2 to computer Use and Electronics checks.

Security Hardware Specialist
Prerequisites: Proficient Systems Analyst
You can attempt to bypass any security system you have physical access to, such as electronic keypads, burglar alarms, and security cameras. This check requires 5 minutes, and an electronics check with a +5 bonus against a DC set by the system’s security level. If you succeed, you manipulate the system as though you had administrative access, including opening automatic doors, turning cameras, or deactivating the whole thing. Note that for some more complex uses, additional rolls could be required. Failure means the time spent is wasted, and you may have alerted an administrator or security software to your presence, although you still attempt to hack the security system again.

Pistol Marksmanship
Prerequisites: None
You gain +1 to hit with Pistols

Execution Shot
Prerequisites: Pistol Marksmanship
You gain +1 to hit, crit on 19-20, and +2 to severity when firing a pistol at a target within 15 feet.

Basic Combat Training
Prerequisites: None
You gain 3 Hit Points and +1 to fortitude saving throws.

Flamethrower Operation
Prerequisites: None
Flamethrowers you wield deal an 1d6 additional fire damage. The reflex save for half damage is 17 instead of 15. Additionally, you gain a +4 dodge bonus to backpack AC.

Theoretical Reverse Engineering lvl 4
You do not suffer the -5 penalty that usually applies to computer use, knowledge (technology), (physical sciences), craft (electronics) and craft (hardware) checks with alien technology.

High Intensity Combat Training
Prerequisites: Basic Combat Training
You gain 3 Hit points, +1 to fortitude saving throws, and +1 to your base movement rate.

Ned carries a 9mm Beretta 92f with a laser sight and wears an undercover vest for field investigations. He is proficient with a hunting crossbow. After proving particularly adept with a* flamethrower,* Ned wears a tactical vest and carries a flamethrower into situations where heavy weapons are likely to be useful.
Zip Ties
Pepper Spray
Beretta 92f equipped with a laser sight
Crossbow bolts
Aluminum Travel Case 10lb
Backpack 3lb
Evidence Kit 6lb
Tap Detector
First Aid Kit
Smartphone battery extender

Fire in the Sky Campaign
3 Flashbang grenades
Fire Resistant Clothing
Headlamp with extra batteries
Alien Grey Plasma Weapon (uses rechargeable liquids – need a chemical)

Headmounted video camera
Hazmat type Chemical Protective Gloves $8-$12
Chemical Splash Safety Mask $22

Flame Thrower with 1 tank of napalm ammunition
Combat Drone
(Ned acquired a high-end commercial drone with a linked smartphone camera and successfully crafted mounts for a pair of .22 pistols. He also took 4 ranks of Piloting skill for a skill modifier of 4 for piloting and firing with the drone.)

Smartphone (camera, voice recorder, flashlight, PDA, GPS) 12
Laptop computer 15
Electrical Tool Kit 14
Telephone Tap Line 13

After requisitioning all of the above, Ned’s wealth is 11. Upon leveling, he gained another wealth for 12. The cost of a flight to Nigeria to visit Nadja Fulani reduced his wealth by 3 for a total of 9 wealth

Ned has learned the spells
1_Calling Down The Outer Darkness_
2_Call Raeeya_
3_Presence of the Raeeya_

Create Gate (learned from pictures taken in Adam Week’s lair to an unknown celestial coordinate)
Baneful Enchantment: Cast upon a specific weapon to make it more powerful

He has learned Knowledge Mythos Skill from studying the occult tome Pearl of Great Price

Achievements so far:
- squashing two aliens with the SUV in a murderous rage while driving for a gunner who nailed the third.
- vanquishing alien grays with 4 damage types: pistol, SUV, flamethower and taser, allowing one gray to be taken alive
- singlehandedly roasting an alien battle drone with a flamethower
- landing 2 flashbang grenades that aided the defeat of cult leader Adam West and disabled 4 cultists long enough for their capture alive.


Ned is a rogue hacker/identity thief recruited by the FBI. He specializes in finding useful and potentially embarrassing information, and doesn’t hesitate to use unorthodox methods to achieve results. On one job, he stumbled on some information about the paranormal that mattered too much to the Feds to let him walk. Since then he cooperates with the law out of necessity, and his checkered past helps his superiors ensure he complies.

Icecave took Pictures of writings from Adam West’s lair, can try again every time I gain +1 Mythos.

The alien pistol exploded upon testing and severely injured Icecave. He retained the alien skin oil and 3 other captured pistols.

Ned Icecave

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