Psionics are the evolved ability of some people to sense and to manipulate energies from outside of the standard 4 dimensions that most humans are aware of. Though all people are born with varying (mild) levels of sensitivity to these energies, some are born with exceptional levels of talent. These men and women are known as psychics. It is estimated that perhaps one in 50-100,000,000 people have this latent potential, making their numbers easily drowned out by the numerous fools and charlatans claiming to have such powers.

Those born with this potential will find it is a heavy burden to bear. When you can gaze into the abyss, the abyss can gaze back at you. Predators and nightmares abound, separated from ordinary people only by their ignorance and blindness to each other. The psychic has no such luxuries. The very presence of his gift can draw the attention of unsavory creatures. Additionally, the use of his powers opens his mind fully to the twisting energies of the higher dimensions, temporarily leaving it vulnerable.

In return, psychics gradually develop fantastic supernatural powers. They can sense the minds of others, and in time read them. They can see visions of far off places and manipulate the dancing flames. They can reach out to touch far off objects and shatter stones with a thought.

To develop psychic powers, the PC must have the Sensitive feat, which cannot be freely chosen. There are only three ways to acquire it: first, it can be granted as part of a significant event at character generation. Second, if the character did not acquire it as a significant event, there is a 1% chance (determined at the end of character creation) that the PC gains the sensitive feat for free. Finally, it can be gained through certain rare in-game events.

Once the PC has the Sensitive feat, he can begin training to develop a psychic power. Each power has a training time, which is the amount of in-game time the character must spend in between missions practicing to master the power. During this time, the PC must spend at least 8 hours per day, 5 days a week practicing, precluding him from any other significant projects. If this time is interrupted by a mission or other event, he may resume where he left off once it is completed. Once the PC has spent the requisite time training, he may add the power to his character sheet and can use it freely. However a PC may never know more psychic powers than his character level at a time – any additional powers can be trained but cannot be used until he levels up sufficient to add that power.

Using a psionic power is always a standard action. Many psionic powers require the user to maintain concentration in order to maintain the effect of the power. In this case, the user may act normally while maintaining concentration on the power, but if he suffers any damage he must roll a concentration check against a DC equal to 10 plus the damage dealt or his concentration is broken and the effect of the power ends. Ordinarily a creature can only maintain concentration for one power at a time, unless he has the Dual Mind feat, listed below.

Finally, all psychic powers have an Exposure duration. This is the number of rounds that the PC’s mind remains vulnerable to extra-dimensional entities, energy fluctuations, and other psionic creatures after using the power. Each round that a character is exposed, the GM will roll randomly to determine what dimensional conditions at the time. Usually, conditions are calm, but there is always the chance of an anomaly or malevolent entity. An open mind is a dangerous thing…

Discovered Psychic Powers

Training Time: 10 Weeks
Range: Self
Exposure: 2 Rounds
Effect: By channeling the strange energies of the higher dimensions through his body, the user can induce a flurry of cellular activity. He regains 1d4 hit points per round for a number of rounds equal to his level divided by two, rounded up. He cannot use this power on other characters. This power can be used only once per day.

Training Time: 15 Weeks
Range: 100 Feet plus 10 Feet per level.
Exposure: As long as you continue to concentrate, plus one round after concentration ends.
Effect: You can control flames with your mind. You can only control one body of flame at a time, and the size of this flame cannot be larger than the maximum size for your character level, as determined by the following chart:

Character Level Fire Size Example Max Damage Per Round Space
1st-2nd Fine Lighter Flame 1 1 Foot Square
3rd-4th Diminutive Torch 1d3 1 Foot Square
5th-6th Tiny Small Campfire 1d6 1 Foot Square
7th-8th Small Large Campfire 2d6 1 Foot Square
9th-10th Medium Forge Fire 3d6 1 Foot Square

Every round, you can expand or reduce the size of a flame you are controlling by one step, up the to maximum size of flame you are capable of controlling. If you reduce the size of a fire below fine, it goes out completely. You can also move any flame you are controlling 30 feet per turn in any direction. You can keep the flame burning as long as this power remains active even if it has no fuel source, and the flame cannot be put out while this power lasts unless it is fully immersed in water.

An animated fire can enter any square, even if a creature already occupies it. If an animated fire enters a square occupied by a creature, that creature can make a Reflex save to get out of the way (DC 11 + the number of dice of damage the fire does + your Int modifier). A successful Reflex save moves the creature to the nearest unoccupied square. The flames deal the indicated damage to any creature that is in a space also occupied by the fire.

Creatures entering the area of the flame you control take the maximum damage while they remain in that area. After they leave, they must make a reflex saving throw against a DC of 15 or be caught on fire and take 1d6 points of damage per round until they successfully make the reflex saving throw. If you take control of the flames on a target and choose to keep them burning, the DC increases to 25.

Any fire that you have expanded or reduced returns to its original size once this power ends, unless it has been put out completely. Any fire moved away from its fuel source goes out once this power ends.

Training Time: 15 Weeks
Range: Self
Exposure: As long as you continue to concentrate, plus one round after concentration ends.
Effect: You are able to gain flashes of your own future just seconds before they happen. This enables you to quite effectively avoid attacks, granting you a +3 dodge bonus to AC and reflex saving throws. The visions of the future provided by this power are vague enough and happen so quickly that they cannot be used to predict anything else.

Prerequisites: Precognition
Range: 15-Foot Radius, centered around the user
Exposure: As long as you continue to concentrate plus 2 rounds after concentration ends.
Effect: As Precognition, except that this dodge bonus increases to +6 for yourself. You can also attempt to warn allies within the area of effect, granting them anyone who can hear you who is also within range of this power a +1 dodge bonus to their own AC and saving throws.

Prerequisites: Precognition
Exposure: 3 Rounds
Effect: You can peer into the higher dimensions and catch glimpses of events to come. This power can tell you if a choice your character is about to make will likely result in a good outcome, a bad outcome, one that is both good and bad, or likely to have a result that is neither good nor bad.

Training Time: 10 Weeks
Range: Varies
Exposure: As long as you continue to concentrate, plus 1 round after concentration ends.
You have the power to communicate with other creatures using only your thoughts, as well as the rudimentary power to sense other minds.

The ability of this power to detect the minds of other creatures is crude and imprecise. This use of Telepathy affects an 60 foot cone shaped area emanating from your character. Your ability to detect other minds depends upon how long you study the area. In the first round, you can sense the presence or absence of other minds. In the second round you can detect the number of minds, and the intelligence score of each. If you sense the mind of a creature with intelligence 10 points or more above your own, you are stunned for one round and this power ends immediately. This use of Telepathy does not allow you to determine the precise location of these minds; it will only tell you how many and how intelligent they are. Mechanical creatures, or creatures with an Intelligence score of 1 or 0 cannot be detected with this power.

Psionically exposed creatures stick out like a lighthouse in the dead of night. When using this power to detect the minds of other creatures, you can sense any exposed creatures within a 400 foot cone instead of a 60 foot cone, and you can tell the precise location of each after only one round of study.

This power also allows for telepathic communication. You can send telepathic messages to any creature with an intelligence score of greater than 1 whose mind you have detected up to a range of 400 feet plus 40 feet per level in all directions (that is, once you have detected a mind you can continue to communicate with it even if it leaves the distance you could normally detect it at). These creatures can respond to you even if they do not have telepathy. However beware that telepathic communication with malevolent entities can sometimes be used against you…

Cortical Burn
Range: 100 Feet plus 10 Feet per level or 400 Feet plus 40 Feet per Level, see below
Prerequisites: Telepathy
Exposure: 1 Round
This power allows you to assault the minds of others with psionic energy. You choose one target within 100 feet plus 40 feet per level. That creature takes 2d6 points of damage unless it makes a willpower saving throw against a DC of 10 plus your intelligence modifier plus half your level rounded down.

This power is significantly more effective against exposed creatures. Against a target who is exposed, the range increases to 400 plus 40 feet per level, and the damage increases to 3d6 points and becomes overwhelming.

This power has no effect on mindless creatures, or creatures with an intelligence score of 0.

Mind Reading
Training Time: 15 Weeks
Range: 60 Foot Cone
Prerequisites: Telepathy
Exposure As long as you continue to concentrate, plus 2 rounds after concentration ends.
You can read the surface thoughts of any creature that fails a willpower saving throw against a DC equal to 10 plus your intelligence plus half your level rounded down. You can continue to read the thoughts of creatures that fail the will save even if they leave the area of effect and then come back into it later on as long as you have continued to concentrate on it. Similarly, you cannot read the thoughts of creatures that succeed, even if they leave the area of effect and re-enter it, nor can you attempt to read their thoughts again with this power for 24 hours.

Delving into the minds of others can be hazardous to your own. If you attempt to read the thoughts of a creature with an intelligence score of 10 or more higher than yours, you are stunned for 1 round and this power ends. Similarly, the minds of supernatural creatures, operating as they do on arcane and alien principles, is liable to fail spectacularly. Finally, reading the minds the insane may yield useful information, but may provoke a sanity check on the part of the mind reader.

Training Time: 10 Weeks
Range: 400 Feet, plus 40 Feet per level.
Prerequisites: Telepathy
Exposure: As long as you continue to concentrate, plus 3 rounds after concentration ends.
You can choose a location that is known to you or obvious and project your mind there, allowing you to see and hear as if you were there. This power does not convey any supernatural senses – if the location is pitch black you will not be able to see there even with this power.

Training Time: 15 Weeks
Range: 100 Feet, plus 10 Feet per level.
Prerequisites: Telepathy
Exposure: As long as you continue to concentrate.
You can manipulate and move objects with your mind. When you use this power, you must chose if you are exerting a sustained force or a violent thrust.

A sustained force moves an object weighing no more than 25 pounds per user level (maximum 375 pounds at 15th level) up to 20 feet per round. A creature can negate the effect on an object it possesses with a successful Will save against a DC of 10 + (half the user’s level plus the user’s intelligence). This version of the power lasts as long as you continue to concentrate on it. The weight can be moved vertically, horizontally, or in both directions. An object cannot be moved beyond your range. The power ends if the object is forced beyond the range. If you cease concentration for any reason, the object falls or stops.

An object can be telekinetically manipulated as if with one hand. For example, a lever or rope can be pulled, a key can be turned, an object rotated, and so on, if the force required is within the weight limitation. You might even be able to untie simple knots, though delicate activities such as these require DC 15 Intelligence checks.

Alternatively, once per round, you can use telekinesis to perform a bull rush, disarm, grapple (including pin), or trip. Resolve these attempts as normal, except that they don’t provoke attacks of opportunity, you use your level in place of your Combat Maneuver Bonus, and you add your Intelligence modifier in place of your Strength or Dexterity modifier. No save is allowed against these attempts. This version of the power lasts as long as you continue to concentrate, but it ends if you cease concentration.

Psychic Feats

Prerequisite: None (see below)
You can learn psychic feats. Furthermore, the Gamemaster may provide you with special information, such as a strange feeling in a certain spot in the house, disturbing dreams, or other inexplicable occurrences. You have no control over these sensations and revelations, and thus this power does not require an action to activate. You can enter into psychic combat, and you are now a valid target for psychic attacks and abilities that target psychic creatures. This feat cannot be taken without the GM’s express permission.

Still Mind
Prerequisite: Sensitive
Reduce the exposure duration on all powers by 1. This cannot reduce the exposure to 0.

Dual Mind
Prerequisites: Sensitive, Concentration Rank 10+
You can maintain concentration on two psionic powers at once. While doing so, any subsequent concentration checks you make are made at a -4 penalty.

Prerequisites: Sensitive, Still Mind
Your mind has become skilled at navigating the surging eddies of the higher dimensions. Your chance of having a negative result while exposed is halved.


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