The Pearl of Great Price

This thin volume is bound in ragged leather, with the title emblazoned on the front in fading black ink. It purports to be a translation of a larger manuscript “D’aleel Qocytas” purchased by the author, an English professor of Oriental Studies at Harvard by the name of Jonathan Lafayette Hustings. on his travels through the Middle East. Its 88 pages spend much time describing the revelations and visions given the the author by “Raeeya,” as well as his efforts to contact and understand the Raeeya. The margins on each page are filled with scrawled notes in old black ink, as well as another set of notes scratched in blue. Pertinent excerpts below:

Page 1

The Pearl of Great Price

A translation of certain manuscriptes purchased by the translator, Prof. J. Lafeyette Hustings, on his travels throughout the Ottoman eyalets of Baghdad, Jourdan, and Syria. Entitled “D’aleel Qocytas,”1 it is a curious text of uncertain provenance. Its script dates to approx. 100-200 B.C., and the learned reader shall note substantial similarities to the Aramaic Peshitta. Purportedly written by “bar-Raeeya”2, it detailles certain religious visions and practices of the author, which were passed down to him by “Raeeya,”3, Likely a mythological figure as “Raeeya” dwells in “Qocytas,” described as land of wailing and perpetual torment. This manuscript has great potential to illuminate our understanding of ancient peoples and their religious beliefs and rites. A partial translation follows below, as much as the author could manage before breaking off work due to illness and comorbid insomnia. The author begs the forgiveness of the academic community overlook the failings of his fragile mind and body, and asks that interested readers continue this work, that the secrets of this manuscript might be unlocked for the greater knowledge of mankind.

Page 2

I write now of the things told unto me by the Raeeya, the terrible, the most high, the listener in silence, the first and last of his kind to walk the earth with men. Even now he dwells in the darkness beyond Qocytas, awaiting the call of his servants that shall guide him back to the earth, that he might walk amongst us once more. It is he who stole my dreams from me, filling the night with the wailing and gnashing of teeth and with his whispered promises. He tells me the things I must do to hasten the hour when he and his brood return from Qocytas to collect their rightful tribute from we feeble sheep and to receive the veneration due gods…

Page 27

And lo! Raeeya told me of the gifts given to their faithful servants. The first gift is the rites of Qocytas collected from across the heavens and guarded by the Raeeya for time beyond time. The man who calls upon the Raeeya with these rites can perform great signs and wonders. He can call upon the outer darkness and strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. He can command the fires in the sky to descend unto the earth, and they shall. He can call upon the things that dwell in the secret places of the world, and they will heed his cry.

But greater still is the gift of Raeeya’s kiss, which is the presence of Raeeya himself. It is a gift so great only the chosen can bear it, whose minds are open to see what man was not meant to see.4 They are prized by the Raeeya, for they are the gate between Qocytas and the earth, and their thoughts are heard by the Raeeya. Theirs is a gift far beyond the things of the world; the Raeeya’s kiss, which is like a pearl of great price. A king might give up his kingdom, and a rich man might sell all he had to obtain it, for when the time is right they shall be raised up, and many who are high will be brought low. The sign of the Raeeya’s kiss is a pearl upon the back of the neck. It is the gate and the indwelling of the Raeeya, and he who bears it bears all the power of the Raeeya.

The chosen who have received the kiss must then be prepared for the indwelling of the Raeeya, lest they be too weak to bear their gifts. They must eat of the brains5 of those not chosen. Eight parts of the brains must they eat before the moon completes her cycle. Then at night, before the light of Qocytas, they must be presented as a pleasing sacrifice, and the rite of calling shall be invoked, and then shall they become one with the Raeeya. But if all this is not done before the cycle is complete, they will surely be destroyed by the Raeeya. It is better that a man be consumed by fire or crushed beneath stones than to be torn apart by the Raeeya’s kiss.

Page 80

Translator’s Note: Detailed below are the rites of the Raeeya. I have translated several for posterity’s sake, but I do not believe such blasphemous and un-Christian ceremonies should be known to the general public, so I have ciphered them. Interested writers seeking the deciphered text for research purposes only are encouraged to contact the author for the key.6 I have not decided whether or not to translate the remaining rites. It may be that there are some secrets men are not meant to know. Here follows the cipher:

Uf phb ade ixhdunx moie mvlzase, phb hmvv vyaokvw ahq czioed aew semrexk tte whslawzgn sbecez:

Bdiezpns Dfpu tte Fnaed Drkrnqsj
Iyeeeevl or tyx Yaqept
Jaxl Itleka

1 Aram., d’aleel lit. “Concerning” or “Anxiety over.” Qocytas trans. unclear. Related to Greek “kokytos,” or celestial body “Cocytus”?

2 Aram. bar “son of.” Raeeya poss. “shepherd.”

3 Screen_Shot_2014-03-22_at_1.59.57_PM.png Raeeya difficult to translate. Aramaic characters reproduced at left for the curious reader. Possibly “shepherd.” Will concord with Peshitta next time I am passing through Oxford.

4 Scribbled in the margins in fresh blue ink: “Jamie Waldron, 113 N. Oakmont Tr. Shepard’s Creek, NY 70139.”

5 Lit. Elam Omad’eea poss. “Front Brain,” or “Beginning of Brain.” Further research needed.

6 Scribbled in the margins in fresh blue ink: “MARTHA.”


Thanks to Matt, the group has deciphered the rituals in the Pearl of Great Price, and can study them to learn the following spells:

  • Bringing Down the Outer Darkness
  • Presence of the Raeeya
  • Call Raeeya

Since no one has tried them yet, there are no details on what their effects might be…

The Pearl of Great Price

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