Dossier - Delta Green

The history of Delta Green begins in 1927, during the Prohibition era. In response to rumors of alleged bootlegging, the U.S. Department of the Treasury launched an investigation into the small town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts. The investigation turned up bootlegging, but also far more – pagan religious practices, and a number of other unsavory characters. Sitting President Coolidge, who had once conducted the mass roundup and deportation of suspected “Reds” while governor of Massachusetts, authorized a raid on the town to be led by the Naval Office of Naval Intelligence with the support of the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Coast Guard, code-named Project COVENANT.

The Project COVENANT raid succeeded beyond its directors wildest imaginings. The town of Innsmouth was taken with minimal resistance. Among the relics seized by the Office of Naval Intelligence were several books describing the pagan religious practices of the town’s occupants as well as five conical stone tablets inscribed with unknown glyphs. But most shocking to the raiders, and to President Coolidge, was the evidence of the existence of a race of aquatic aliens known as the Deep Ones. While most of the town’s residents were deported or imprisoned for sedition, about 200 ‘hybrids’ – mutant humans, allegedly the result of human-Deep One procreation – were held by the ONI for study.

Suspected human-Deep One hybrid.

The ONI’s final report of the raid convinced President Coolidge that the further study was needed. He had the stone tablets sent to a specialized joint War and State Department signals intelligence and cryptography unit known as the Black Chamber, renowned for breaking a series of Japanese codes and providing crucial intelligence in the aftermath of World War I. Over the next year and a half, the Black Chamber successfully translated the tablets, and the resulting text, titled the Book of Dagon, was submitted for presentation to the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Unfortunately by 1929 the Hoover Administration was in power, and political tide in Washington had very much turned. The Japanese had accused the Americans of negotiating in bad faith when it came to light that the Japanese Code had been broken and the Americans had used the intelligence to gain a critical edge in a crucial Japanese-American trade summit. President Hoover was also under tremendous pressure to bring Al Capone and other prominent mobsters to justice. Finally on October 24, 1929, the stock market crashed. The report was presented one week later to an exhausted President Hoover, who was not at all receptive. It was his opinion that “these cryptography eggheads” had ruined a perfectly good treaty with Japan, and now they were “telling fairy tales about aliens under the sea.” The Black Chamber was disbanded and he ordered the State Department to reassign agents who had served on Project COVENANT to the Chicago and Midwestern Prohibitions units.

The Naval ONI and J. Edgar Hoover, seeing the mood of the administration, denied seeing anything unusual or supernatural during the Innsmouth raid, but their concern over the existence of a hostile civilization of undersea aliens and its implications on U.S. Naval supremacy remained. They surreptitiously relocated their own COVENANT veterans to a new division of the ONI, codenamed P4 – the Parapsychology, Paranormal, and Psychic Phenomena division.

From 1929 to 1942, P4 Division, headed by Marine Colonel James Whelan, the ranking officer of COVENANT, crossed the globe gathering additional artifacts and writings concerning the Deep Ones, as well as conducting a clandestine war against the undersea aliens. Among the major operations of P4 Division included the detonation of depth charges in Devil’s Reef off the coast of Innsmouth, a known Deep One colony, well as a 1929 raid on a small island in the Philippines which was infested with cultists and hybrids, and a raid on a Nicaraguan fishing town that yielded additional specimens.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942, then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the creation of a new Military intelligence service, which answered directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, dubbed the Office of Strategic Services. Director William Donovan of the OSS was shortly approached by members of P4 Division, who had become aware of the intense interest in the occult that Hitler and many of his high-ranking officers shared. They pointed out that the British had lured Reichsmarshal Rudoph Hess to England by getting his personal astrologer to predict that he would capture England singlehandedly. Donovan was intrigued by the prospect of using the occult in psychological warfare operations against the Nazis. He agreed to a partnership with P4 Division, and a new security classification was created – DELTA GREEN EYES ONLY. P4 Division remained the official designation, but its operatives began referring to it by its security clearance – Delta Green.

Delta Green had learned of a secret branch of the SS, known as the Karotechia, which was formed to research the use of paranormal forces for the Nazi war effort. Under the guise of psychological warfare operations, Delta Green set about disrupting the Karotechia’s intelligence gathering operations, either seizing important texts or sites of interest, or destroying them to deny them to the enemy. A bitter struggle ensued across Europe and the Middle East as the two agencies grappled with each other.

With the Nazi surrender, Delta Green agents were deployed across Europe to seize Karotechia researchers and files before they fell into the wrong hands – of particular concern being the Russians, whose secret police were eagerly seizing as much former-Nazi intelligence and materiel for Stalin’s use. The seizure and examination of several hundred pounds of files marked “Reichsmarshal Himmler’s Eyes Only,” revealed credible information that the Karotechia had uncovered awesome powers, but not the means to control them. Even more concerning was a secret order, sent directly by Hitler in his last weeks to the Karotechia, to take command of Operation WEREWOLF, an SS project to organize partisans to conduct guerrilla actions and sabotage against the invading allies, and perform a ritual to recreate an “accident” that occurred at Nordhausen in Thuringia in 1944.

The Allied command had been aware of Nordhausen for some time, and knew that an unexplained explosion had occurred there, destroying Neubaum castle on the outskirts of the town, killing several hundred prisoners of war, flattening trees for several miles as if crushed under an enormous weight, and leaving the surrounding lakes and water sources highly alkaline. There was substantial concern that the Nazis had tested a prototype nuclear bomb in the region, which was close to a production and testing zone for V-2 rockets, but the Karotechia documents indicated that the accident had been caused by an inter dimensional “rip.” How the "rip’ was caused was not obvious, but appeared to be connected to some sort of alien geometric principles.

Nordhausen blast aftermath.

Delta Green launched a massive operation, code-named LUNACY, which obliterated WEREWOLF in a series of covert incidents that cost the lives of numerous Delta Green agents, but succeeded in preventing the occurrence of another “rip.” Then, in 1947, another operation, code-named HOSPITALITY, was launched to track down and eliminate Karotechia agents in exile in South America, which was successful in neutralizing many targets of interest.

During the Cold War era, Delta Green was active in neutralizing many supernatural threats to U.S. National Interests, including actions in Nicaragua, Cambodia, Vietnam, Congo, and Antarctica. The organization’s primary interest at this time were tracking down rogue Karotechia scientists and foiling a series of cults dedicated to a Khmer Rouge god known as Angka. Around 1970, Delta Green’s focus shifted somewhat to concentrate on domestic threats after the disappearance of the U.S.S. Scorpion, a nuclear attack submarine, under circumstances which indicated Deep One involvement. The department was reorganized under the newly-created FBI Office of Special Inquiry to streamline operations within the United States, although a portion of Delta Green personnel remain within the former P Division.

Deep One artist’s rendering.

Today, Delta Green is active both within the United States and at sites of interest around the world, conducting research, gathering intelligence, and working behind the scenes to detect and neutralize paranormal threats of all types for the protection and peace of mind of America, her government, and her people.

Dossier - Delta Green

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